Prospect Management Software: Tracking Sales Leads Efficiently

Many sales and marketing students are taught that the most efficient way to prospect clients is by calling and re-calling those people. While this is successful on the surface, prospect management involves many procedures that must be followed correctly to ensure that a company is maximizing its chances to land new clients. Prospect management is the most essential aspects of nurturing new business opportunities. What are some ways to maximize sales leads?

Prospect Management Software

Efficient prospect management requires the use of a software system that is designed specifically for tracking new and current prospects. There are many software programs on the market that deviate in pricing from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The price simply depends on the size of the company and the number of people selling its services.

  • ACT!, Goldmine, CRM, and MSN Outlook are only a few of the software systems designed to operate in work groups and/or with multiple sales representatives.

To maximize the performance of the prospect management software, every qualified prospect must be inputted into the system. Essential information including company name, contact information, phone numbers, E-mails addresses, and web site addresses are just some of the significant material that can be entered. Every time a contact is reached, in whichever way chosen, it must be recorded. A note regarding the contact can also prove helpful and will ensure that a follow-up call or meeting will never be missed or delayed. The information can easily be synched to a Blackberry so that a neat schedule can be created or modified.

Work Group Mode

The benefit of the work group mode is that a company’s entire staff can track its individual clients without the fear of overlapping prospects. Furthermore, senior management can download reports, appointments, call lists, and other sales-related activities. It is up to the management team to utilize the software program to its fullest extent as many companies find that employees trust and respect management’s intentions without question. Therefore, the burden is on the side of management.

Track and Manage Prospects

Simply giving complete control to the prospect is not a way to take a decided advantage over similar competition. Those sales leaders that manage and track prospects effectively from initial contact to the final sale is what distinguishes a marketing champion from an entry-level apprentice.

Combining a quality prospect management system with consistent contact with potential prospects can increase sales opportunities in the short and long-term. Moreover, sales representatives will not have to rely on memory or their notes in remembering who they must contact and the meaning of the contact. The information will be on the software system for everyone to view. Knowing how to get leads to addiction centers and different businesses makes the difference. This gives a business an advantage over competition in the building and forging of relationships- something that is becoming more necessary by the day.

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